Houdini: Noodle Cart Wind Sim Test

A couple months ago I was given the oppertunity to make a small environment to show off some of our in-house Houdini wind tools. So naturally, I made a stylized ramen cart. Talk about aesthetic whiplash. At the time that this was made our entire team was deep in the production of our current project, so it ended up being a pretty refreshing change of pace. You can see the final result below, special thanks to Ben House (Senior Tech Artist) and Kurt Williams (Senior FX Artist) for getting everything running correctly.

UE4: Procedural Spiral Vertex Shader

Here's a little project I put together that uses basic math equations to offset the vertices of a given surface around a world space location and recalculates the vertex normals based on that offset. The world space location is defined by setting a material collection in a blueprint class, and referencing it in the base shader.

Make High Quality GIFs in Photoshop


Hey everyone! Today I’m going to do a little write up on how to take footage you’ve recorded of your game, and turn it into an animated .GIF that you can share on sites like Twitter and Facebook.